About Marltons Pets and Products

Marltons Pet Care Products and Accessories aims to offer you all the resources you need to ensure your pet leads a healthy and exciting lifestyle. Seeing as pets require lots of TLC and your constant attention, Marltons Pet Care strives to make your life easier and your pets life happier by providing you with easy-to-use, cost-effective products to take care of your pets in the best way possible as well as treats & toys that are not only appealing but are just what your pet needs to have a balanced body & mind.

The Marltons wide variety of Pet Care Treats and Pet Care Toys, can now be viewed by clicking our “Marltons Catalogue”.
Although Marltons may not supply pet care products directly to the public, our trusted products can be found in various pet retail stores as well as common supermarket chain stores nationwide.
If youre looking for the latest in Pet Food or Pet Care/Toys, be sure to check out our latest pet care products section. We constantly update our products to keep you informed of the newest inventions out on the market for your pet.

Our History

With more than 80 YEARS in the pet industry MARLTONS is the No. 1 authority on pet products in South Africa today. In 1945 the MARLTON family under the Marpet brand was not only the leader in the Pet industry but also the leading importer of tropical fish into South Africa and the vast knowledge and understanding of Aquatics has carried through to today. In 1989 MARLTONS was established by Gavin Marlton and Sally Hutchins.

With full warehouse facilities in all major provinces of over 10,000 square meters, MARLTONS are able to serve both the Retail and Pet Store market with excellent customer service and high operation efficiency.The hiring of key specialists for Retail, Veterinary and Pet Stores has enabled the development of customer needs and ensured the setting of high standards for MARLTONS purpose and goals – MARLTONS understands the market.

From a 2 man operation MARLTONS is now a corporation of over 270 permanent staff and a selection of premium agent’s country wide. With over 200 years combined experience in the Pet Trade, MARLTONS are the leaders in the Pet industry across all categories of Pets. Our extensive knowledge base entails the customer service of sales, merchandising.

As experts we pride ourselves with the leadership in Premium Global brands, up to date progress within all spheres of increasing the nutritional, behavioural and well being for your Pet. Moreover, our functional experience extends to relationship building. MARLTONS are continually expanding our knowledge and services to assist clients with up to date areas within the Pet arena.
Exceptional expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes MARLTONS the ideal choice for the pet customer. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively directing team members to ensure that all Pet customer requirements are met offering the Premium range within an affordable budget.